Trusted experts offering Expert Witness & Dispute Advisory expertise to a wide range of law firms, corporates, individuals and institutions on complex matters.

We are experienced, credible and highly regarded with senior team members having acted as expert witnesses in hundreds of UK and international disputes across a wide range of industries. Their experience encompasses cases heard in the UK Civil Courts, Criminal Courts and Lands Tribunal, overseas Courts and International Arbitrations. Whilst most of our instructions are party appointments, our experts have also regularly acted as single joint experts (SJE).

We provide robust independent reports to Court, in clear language and compliant with the Civil, Family or Criminal Procedure rules as appropriate. We are positive about the use of experts’ meetings and issue of joint statements – being robust when needed, but also ensuring the process assists the Court and the parties to narrow matters in dispute.

We have many years’ experience advising clients, their solicitors and barristers in conference to explain key issues in our evidence to assist them with resolution.

If matters do progress to Court, you can take reassurance from the fact that all our expert witnesses have given evidence under cross-examination on numerous occasions, and have been praised by both Judges and leading counsel for the clarity of their oral opinions.

In addition, when not formally instructed as an expert witness, we provide dispute advisory services, assisting with finding ways to resolve disputes to the advantage of our clients. We assist clients in formulating and defending claims (for example, where a court has not permitted expert evidence) and we provide shadow expert advice (perhaps where an SJE has been appointed and where independent scrutiny of their work is required). We also assist with mediation and expert determination. 

Whilst we receive instructions on large-scale matters, where issues in dispute are valued in the millions, and even billions of pounds, our fee structure means that we can also work cost effectively on smaller matters with quantum in the low hundreds of thousands. When not instructed as expert witness with a duty to a Court or other formal body, we will consider undertaking advisory only work on a contingent or semi-contingent basis.

Our regular instructions include: