Leading advice for businesses preparing to sell.

The key question to ask yourself is whether your business is sale ready and if so, will you get a great price for it? Having advised many owners, our business analysis and strategy specialists understand the dynamics of a great business and will help you assess how best to approach a sale process and potential valuation drivers.

In order to answer this question, we conduct business readiness reviews which include a comprehensive analysis of the major components of a business. In assessing the strength of key areas such as sales and marketing, operations, financial systems and controls, as well as the efficiency of working capital and cash conversion, our analysis is able to provide a footprint of achievements to date and set out a plan for the future. In addition to helping you understand the value of your business today benchmarked against competitors, recent transactions and active buyer groups, our review also includes clear recommendations on the potential sale options, as well as actions and timescales in which to achieve a maximum price.

Priding ourselves on being proactive yet personable, our business analysis and strategy specialists will work with you to provide insight and advice throughout. In working with you to create a 360-degree view of your business, we ensure that you are adequately prepared for all immediate and future eventualities. By providing an objective view of your business, we will not only identify the current embedded value but also provide you with guidance on the optimum time to go to market to realise that value.