Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) are an attractive and efficient way to sell your business. Selling to an EOT has many benefits such as being a more controllable and less stressful sales process. Sales to EOTs are also usually tax-free.

As experts in the field of delivering EOT transactions, we can help you to successfully navigate the many facets of implementing an EOT for your business.

What is an EOT?

An EOT holds shares in the business for the benefit of your employees.

Can I sell my business to an EOT?

Most owner-managed businesses would suit an EOT sale.

Benefits to business owners of selling to an EOT

Confidential and more straightforward sales process, which is tax-free.

Benefits to employees

Employees benefit from indirect ownership of the business.

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Recent transactions

Our team has successfully delivered numerous sales via EOTs.

How we can help you

There are many specific and highly complex rules which govern EOTs. A robust and well-run process will ensure that you can benefit from the multitude of advantages these transactions bring.

Our expert Corporate Finance and Tax Advisory teams will guide you and your business through each step of an EOT transaction, ensuring at all times that your process will be compliant. We pride ourselves on our practical and hands on approach; we roll our sleeves up and work hard for you to make even the most challenging of transactions happen. 

Quantuma’s EOT transaction process is carefully designed to ensure that you meet all the requirements as set down for a successful EOT. We will help you with each stage of your transaction, including determining your independent valuation, structuring the deal and help with the composition of the Trust. 

Our dedicated tax experts will ensure at each stage that your transaction remains compliant with EOT rules and will obtain advance clearance from HMRC – giving you the confidence you need to proceed. 

We have extensive contacts with funders and so if third-party debt is the right path for you, we will secure you the best package available. 

We will manage and oversee the entire process, ensuring that all parties deliver what they need to, when they need to, thereby creating for you the smoothest transaction process possible.

When considering a sale, business owners should consider whether an EOT is appropriate or beneficial to them and seek professional advice to help assess the various options available in order to choose a pathway which is best suited to their circumstances.

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A free guide to employee ownership trusts

We have created a free and practical guide to provide you with an overview of how EOTs operate in practice, highlighting the realities of implementing this model in your business. Whether you are a business owner or an advisor, our expert insight, robust advice, and balanced viewpoint will ensure you have a well-rounded understanding of how EOTs can be utilised as a straightforward option to realise value from your business.

The guide covers many key areas business owners ask us about, including: 

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using EOTs
  • The transaction process
  • Pitfalls of a traditional exit route for business owners
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