We help you identify your key stakeholders and assist you to assess their interest and influence, developing appropriate communication management plans

Most projects will have a variety of stakeholders with different, and sometimes competing, interests. These individuals and groups can have significant influence over the eventual success or failure of the project. 

Identifying your key stakeholders, their points of leverage and the approach they are likely to take will enable you to determine the priorities and key actions for you to take.  Effective management of relationships with stakeholders can harness the positive influences and minimise the effect of the negative influences.

We can ensure that you properly identify your key stakeholders and support you to map out and assess their interest and influence, develop communication management plans and work with you to determine a negotiating strategy appropriate for your circumstances to help optimize your negotiating strength.  

Stakeholder management often becomes more complex when stakeholders’ views, roles or priorities change throughout the life cycle of the project. For that reason, stakeholder management is a continuous process that must be maintained throughout the life cycle of the project. 

Simply understanding the stakeholders and what they want, even on the smallest of projects, is a vital activity. A modest investment of effort can make a big difference to the eventual success of the project.