We provide insolvency litigation services on behalf of office holders, including insolvency practitioners and directors.

Creditors, debtors, companies facing financial crisis, financial institutions asserting or facing potential claims and insolvency practitioners, such as appointed liquidators, trust our team of insolvency investigations specialists to handle the most complex and high-profile restructurings and corporate collapses.

We work on behalf of office holders, including insolvency practitioners and directors, in the context of insolvency litigation. We draw on our extensive experience of fraud and accounting investigations, as well as asset-tracing and expert witness work when appointed in connection with insolvency litigation.

We believe the key to successful investigations is to act fast. Delays can reduce the chances of securing vital evidence and will usually lengthen and increase the cost of the investigations. We investigate transactions undertaken by a company in the period leading up to its financial distress in order to assist office holders (both insolvency practitioners and directors) as well as their respective legal advisers to bring action in relation to the preferential treatment of creditors, transactions at an undervalue, wrongful trading and/or misfeasance. We also assess whether any action should be brought against the company’s past or current directors in order to recover value for the benefit of the company’s creditors and/or shareholders.

Our insolvency investigations specialists combine our experience of asset tracing exercises with our understanding of many different accounting systems in insolvency litigation, to identify whether financial information in relation to transactions has been preserved as part of the insolvency process. We can also advise on what documentation is required in order to prove or disprove claims brought under the Insolvency Act 1986.

Our team pursue as well as defend claims for and against insolvent companies and directors. Our team work with your in-house counsel and/or appointed lawyers to ensure you are successful in achieving your goals, whether that be to: win your litigation, trace a debtor, recover assets or successfully complete an acquisition. The strength of the court-ready evidence we produce allows insolvency administrators the option to pursue legal remedies, hold directors to account and provide more successful outcomes for creditors.