Our team of Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) specialists are recognised leaders in lower and mid-market M&As, and are closely aligned with acquisitive buyer groups throughout the UK and internationally.

Whether you are: a corporate looking to grow via an acquisition; a private equity (PE) house looking to make a platform investment; or a high net-worth individual looking to make a strategic investment; our deep experience and expertise gained through handling a variety of transactions across a range of different sectors means that you can count on our team to help you.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, efficient and effective service. We work to understand your needs, ambitions and business drivers from the outset, working collaboratively with you to ensure the solutions we propose are fit for purpose and meet your needs.

We take care of the day-to-day delivery of an engagement, which keeps distractions at a minimum and enables you to concentrate on running your business. A tightly managed process also delivers outcomes to the agreed plan without surprises.

The type of M&A activities we cover include:


Acquisition enables businesses to accelerate growth and increase shareholder value, compared to the costs and time associated with innovation, recruitment and new product development. However, it is vital to make the right acquisition and to extract value not only from the transaction itself, but also from subsequent integration. A poor acquisition not only wastes time, effort and money, but it also sucks the energy out of a good management team.

Our M&A specialists will work collaboratively with you to ensure we gain a thorough understanding of your needs and motivations driving your decision to make an acquisition.

Combined with our extensive research capabilities and sector knowledge, our team will successfully generate a wide variety of acquisition ideas and opportunities that meet your requirements. Once targets have been identified we will work closely with you, providing expertise and deal leadership on issues such as valuation, financial structuring and bid tactics. We are a natural extension of your own team and are on hand to advise you at every stage of the acquisition process.

We also work with a range of PE houses and private investors that have money ready to invest across all sectors, regardless of company size. Typically, these will be strong businesses with ambitious management teams. PE, when used effectively, can prove a useful tool in accelerating growth and shareholder returns, unlocking the potential for a business and its owners by not only providing additional financial resources, but also expertise and knowledge.


The decision to sell will often be one of the most difficult in an entrepreneur’s life. It can be driven by a variety of factors including ill health, a desire to retire or a financial investor looking to realise gains. It can also be driven by a business out-growing its ownership structure.

In order to maximise value, it is essential to plan ahead and work with an adviser who is capable of helping you meet your ambitions. The selling process is often complex, extensive and both time- and energy-consuming. We pride ourselves in being flexible, pragmatic and robust with a hands-on partner-led approach.

It’s never too early to think about planning to sell a business. Engaging with our M&A specialists a couple of years before a transaction is envisaged, will enable us to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

Management buyouts, buy-ins and buy-in management buyouts

Our team of M&A specialists have enabled many high-performing management teams to realise their ambitions of owning and operating their own businesses through a management buyout (MBO), management buy-in (MBI) or buy-in management buyout (BIMBO). In doing so, we helped them create and realise wealth.

On engagement, we will advise you on the merits, opportunities and suitability of your business whether you are considering a MBO, a MBI or restructuring your shareholding via a hybrid structure.

The key to success is to understand the opportunity, motivations and ambitions of the stakeholders. Every situation is unique and therefore it is essential to understand the needs and desires of everyone involved. This is often a balancing act between potential investors, vendors and management teams to create a pragmatic solution for all. Deals are driven by people not just money. Creating the right fit that works for all parties is key to creating long-term value through a team that shares a common goal and vision. In our experience, the highest price is not always the best price!

Our team of M&A specialists work with clients whose businesses range in size from £1 million to £50 million and beyond. We have the experience, desire and demonstrable track record of delivery to ensure you receive a market-leading service.

Our Corporate Finance team has continued to go from strength-to-strength. Although 2023 was a more testing economic environment than 2022, we lead advised on over 20 deals, across a range of sectors.

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