We provide support with tax investigation issues through our sister company inTAX, a specialist tax disputes firm.

The inTAX team advises individuals, businesses and sole traders with tax disputes and disclosures, dealing with a range of tax challenges for clients. They help clients to proactively manage and resolve HMRC enquiries, disclosures or risk reviews. 

A tax investigation can be extremely stressful and can impact on your business and personal life. inTAX is here to help provide the solution to your tax problem. 

How we work

Our colleagues at inTAX can handle an entire investigation from start to finish or provide assistance on a specific aspect where needed. The inTAX team regularly works for, or in conjunction with, a referring lawyer or accountancy peer to resolve the tax problem that a mutual client is facing.

Clients can let the inTAX team take the strain of an investigation with a specialist advisor on your side. The inTAX team comprises former HMRC senior tax inspectors who have extensive experience in dealing with tax investigations on both sides of the fence and can secure the best outcome for you.

The Tax Investigations & Disputes services offered broadly fall under three main areas:

Our colleagues at inTAX would be pleased to assist you with any tax enquiries - please contact the team on 0203 675 8122 or email info@intaxltd.com.