We work with business owners and financial stakeholders to improve financial and operational performance and maximise value to stakeholders

We are trusted advisers to business owners and stakeholders who provide a wide range of advisory services to our clients.

Business owners and stakeholders face a continual challenge. Alongside managing the day-to-day running of the business to ensure deliverability of products and services to customers, they are also required to adapt internal business structures and processes according to performance, as well as developing and implementing business strategies to maintain profits. At any stage in their life cycle businesses can face challenges to their success.

This is where our experts at Quantuma can help. We work closely with business owners as well as financial stakeholders to comprehensively analyse how a business is performing, so that a clear plan of corrective action to turn a business around can be developed and then implemented. The ultimate aim is to improve financial and operational performance and maximise value to stakeholders.

Diagnosis and stabilisation: 

Rapidly analyse and identify the key issues you need to focus on with the assistance of our diagnostic toolkit.

Development of robust cash flow forecasting processes and controls through our Cash Flow Management support.

Map out your stakeholders and identify the key concerns and priorities for each that can drive future actions. Stakeholder management. 

Options and implementation

  • Balance Sheet Restructuring - Balance sheet restructuring, also known as financial restructuring, provides a platform for businesses to undertake operational turnarounds and mitigate distress within. 
  • Independent / Options Reviews - The reviews carried out by our team are robust, independent and thorough. They clarify the true position of the business, making it possible to set out and evaluate the options that are available.
  • Turnaround & Interim Support - Our turnaround and interim support team preserve and enhance value, optimise financial resource and develop options for corporate recovery.
  • Corporate Simplification - We work with businesses and their advisers on managed exits, helping to plan and implement the winding-down and closure plans of non-core or under-performing business entities as well as businesses that have simply served their economic purpose.
  • Special Situations - Our Special Situations team combines the diverse skills of both Corporate Finance and Financial Advisory, providing bespoke and integrated M&A support across stressed, distressed as well as insolvent transactions. With the goal of improving performance and maximising value to stakeholders. The team is sector agnostic and clients are located typically across the UK.

Our team of restructuring experts understand that every client faces a unique set of challenges. We therefore tailor our approach to the meet the needs identified and select the team of specialists best suited to address the situation presented to us. We are able to respond quickly when clients or stakeholders need help.