SMEs play a critical role in driving economic growth and employment opportunities in the UK, comprising 99% of all businesses and providing almost two-thirds of private-sector employment. Our data asset Clarity provides you with unique insight into what is driving SME growth and distress, and what will impact future business and financial performance.

Developed in partnership with the SME data and analytics specialists at Laeceum, Clarity logoClarity is our unique, forward looking and multi-faceted data asset which enables us to analyse SME’s performance against growth and distress factors to provide you with powerful insights and enable you to unlock potential.

Using Clarity, we monitor conditions for UK SMEs and share insights on how best to position a response to ensure the continued viability and prosperity of this vital segment of the UK economy. Clarity has been developed to support other professional advisers and business owners in accessing predictive insight into the health of the UK’s SME community. With the challenging and uncertain outlook for the UK economy, it is vital that businesses can take positive actions in the areas within their control.

How Clarity has been developed

  • Developed by an expert analytics team: The UK’s leading team of data scientists has contributed to the development of Clarity, including individuals who previously advised the UK Government on the impact of the pandemic on SMEs.
  • More than 30 years of analysis and insight: Clarity has been built on solid foundations. The data is taken from over 30 years of historical analysis to ensure the model is robust.
  • Powered by leading data assets from Creditsafe: Clarity takes data from multiple sources, including a set of industry-leading assets from Creditsafe, that create forward-looking indicators on both growth and distress.

How it can help you and your clients

  • Equipping you with a forward-looking, data-led view on the forces that are shaping the UK SME market.
  • Helping you to spot opportunities to grow your practice in specific sectors or regions.
  • Empowering you to proactively work with existing clients, to advise them on how to position their businesses for success and to avoid risk of failure.
  • Providing an empirical basis for you to develop new propositions and capabilities to support SMEs at risk of failure and those that will be future growth champions.
  • Offering you a detailed understanding of the relative importance of sectors and regions when considering winning strategies for local SMEs.

The way forward - Clarity in uncertain times

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Comparing SME viability and vulnerability across sectors and regions

SMEs have been especially vulnerable to the severe economic shocks of the past year. In many cases SMEs have had fewer buffers to help them withstand the multiple economic shock waves of the post-COVID era: supply-chain disruptions, higher input costs, the higher cost of capital, and the prospect of weaker demand arising from low business and consumer confidence. This will lead to the emergence of a new class of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, driven by unique growth and distress factors.

Our latest report, ‘Clarity in uncertain times’, is powered by data from Clarity and shares views on how UK businesses can best position a response to ensure the continued viability and prosperity of UK SMEs.

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How it works

Clarity takes data from multiple sources, then analyses and benchmarks that data to provide sector and regional insight for SMEs.

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