Our team of valuation specialists have experience in providing independent valuations of companies, shareholdings and other financial assets for a wide range of purposes.

We have the necessary skill and expertise to assist with company and share valuations (as well as valuations of other assets) across a wide range of industry sectors and in both the UK and overseas. The valuations we undertake range in size from hundreds of thousands of pounds to billions of pounds.

Where required, we can provide detailed robust reports including fully reasoned explanations and methodology.

However, non-contentious valuation opinions can often be provided in a more flexible way to that of a court-mandated opinion. Some processes can be streamlined in a way that would not be appropriate for a fully compliant expert report to court (including cost effective desktop valuations). Our court-related contentious valuation experience is set out in detail here.

Types of non-contentious valuations

Independent valuations for financial reporting purposes 

There are situations where auditors and accounting advisers require independent valuation reports from external specialists, reducing the risk of conflicts of interest or perceived conflicts of interest. It is sometimes in the interest of both the auditor/accountant and the ultimate client to obtain an external fully independent valuation report. Those situations include:

  • Purchase price allocations (IFRS 3/FRS 102)
  • Private equity portfolio valuations
  • Impairment testing (IAS 36)
  • Instrument and derivative valuations
  • IFRS 16 (accounting for leases) support
  • Share-based payments IFRS 2/FRS 102
  • Non-controlling interest valuations
  • Joint venture related valuations

Valuation assistance for tax purposes 

We work collaboratively with our tax specialist colleagues at K3 tax advisory to provide independent company and independent share valuations. Our reports are then used by our tax specialist colleagues to provide tailored advice or to negotiate settlement with tax authorities in both the UK and overseas.

  • Tax impacts of corporate re-organisations including de-mergers
  • Business unit/intangible asset valuations
  • Private equity valuations and associated advice including growth/’hurdle’ share options
  • Family succession, IHT planning and for separation or divorce
  • Employee/management incentive scheme valuations (e.g. CSOP, EMI, unapproved options, EOTs)
  • Valuations in other tax jurisdictions
  • Negotiating with HMRC

Other valuation advice including corporate reorganisations 

We have considerable experience in providing valuation advice and valuation reports in a variety of other situations. We draw upon the expertise of our financial advisory colleagues where necessary. These include:

  • Intellectual property valuations
  • Business portfolio analysis
  • Value impact of structural business changes (e.g. M&A, divestitures, restructuring, IPO)
  • Pre-merger and acquisition valuation modelling
  • Valuations of shares and other assets held by departing employees
  • Fairness opinions
  • Support for debt or equity raising
  • Bank collateral valuation opinions
  • Solvency opinions
  • Articles valuations
  • Section 593 reports