We deliver cross-border asset recovery services to clients all over the world, providing project management and litigation support to locate and repatriate the proceeds of fraud and corruption hidden in foreign jurisdictions.

Our expertise in financial investigations, asset tracing and dispute resolution in cross-border matters means we can deliver practical solutions to seemingly complex issues for a range of clients. 

The team regularly consults with governments, law firms, banks, corporations, and NGO's, leading high profile and complex investigations in bribery, corruption, malfeasance, conflicts of interest, embezzlement and stolen sovereign wealth and recovered assets for clients and victims of fraud, corruption and misconduct.

Using their knowledge of insolvency as an asset recovery tool in offshore jurisdictions in the Cayman Islands and BVI, they ascertain the key facts for a client, recover financial losses and repatriate stolen assets.

Asset tracing and data intelligence

Our team track and recover assets across borders for a broad range of clients and are frequently involved in complex cases. The team utilize leading tools in machine learning and OSINT combined with expert analysis by specialist financial investigators to find assets wherever they may be, using hundreds of data sources to find unusual patterns, variances and insights.

Financial accounting and investigations

Our team provide independent advice and support for sovereigns, international governmental organisations, financial institutions and commercial parties to identify wrong-doing and mitigate economic loss and reputational risk. The team are experts in investigative techniques including:

  • tracing and identify destination of funds;
  • conducting financial transaction analysis;
  • reconstructing financial statements; and
  • providing litigation support for financial dispute matters.


Our Cross-Border Asset Recovery team provide access to traditional insolvency procedures to maximise returns working alongside our colleagues in the UK and beyond.