Our experts secure and analyse data in a forensically sound manner, such that it can then be used in evidence or in support of an investigation.

Computers, mobile phones and other digital storage media hold a vast amount of data. Even though many businesses now strive to be paperless, and communication is invariably through email, securing such data is often overlooked, which can cause potentially valuable information to be lost.

We cannot stress enough how important it can be to preserve and protect digitally held data at the earliest possible opportunity when a potential dispute or investigation need arises.

Our experts have considerable experience of securing and analysing data in a forensically sound manner, such that it can be then be used in evidence or in support of an investigation. Using specialist forensic software, we can efficiently review vast amounts of information and present our findings in a useable and targeted format.

We look well beyond readily detectable data, identifying deleted items and/or information that would not be available without the use of specialist software. We often recover information that a lay person might not even know, realise or expect to be there.

Although we regularly accept instructions in cases with no financial aspect, we add value and differentiate ourselves where there is. Our team also specialise in forensic accounting and we can therefore go well beyond keywords, file types, date ranges etc, when reviewing data. We regularly analyse and identify data in conjunction with corresponding accounting work. In this way, as accountants, we do not need to rely on others to interpret and identify financial information.

Similarly, using specialist software we are also able to undertake data mining exercises, identifying and interpreting patterns, anomalies, correlations and exceptions within large datasets. These methods and techniques can quickly target key areas and can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get to the answer.

Types of forensic technology work that we undertake include:

  • Computer forensic analysis - securing and analysing digital data in forensically sound manner
  • Employment matters/disputes - e.g., examining computer hard drives for evidence of intellectual property theft
  • Recovering deleted files and emails
  • Search and seizure exercises
  • Examining computers on behalf of internal and external insolvency teams, identifying and extracting relevant financial data in a form that can be readily interpreted/exhibited.
  • Gaining access to information within encrypted files
  • Data mining