We provide support with tax issues through our sister company inTAX, a specialist tax disputes firm.


Some enquiries end up with HMRC making a decision that a taxpayer simply does not agree with. inTAX has helped hundreds of clients where a tax enquiry has become ‘entrenched’.

inTAX assists clients navigate the often complex appeals process so that their cases remain ‘live’ and subject to debate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)    

ADR is a facilitated meeting where the objective is for HMRC and a taxpayer to try to reach an agreement. It can be an effective way to cut through a number of issues in a focused way.


Although most cases can be settled without recourse to the Tribunal, sometimes it is necessary for a judge to decide a dispute.  Tax tribunal hearings and proceedings can cover a wide variety of issues, including determining the right amount of tax or penalties to be paid or resolving technical disputes and differences of interpretation.

inTAX has assisted clients with Tribunal matters, often working in conjunction with counsel to get the best result in court.

In these circumstances our colleagues from the inTAX team will recommend and/or support lawyers to ensure you get the best representation and ultimately the best result.

Our colleagues at inTAX would be pleased to assist you with any tax enquiries - please contact the team on 0203 675 8122 or email info@intaxltd.com.