When it comes to responding to a legal matter, time is of the essence, and many disputes now require many thousands of electronic documents and emails to be reviewed and assessed before disclosure to opposing counsel and court.

Through the use of technology, the number of documents to be reviewed can be significantly reduced, resulting in a process that’s quick and cost effective.
Our experts can assist at all stages of an eDiscovery exercise, from identifying and preserving initial data, through to document review and production. 

Not only do we provide a software platform, but we actively manage the process throughout, helping you to find the best workflow, assisting with the searching and foldering stage, performing ‘Technology Assisted Review’ workflows as required and, in the latter stages, ensuring that relevancy, privilege and tagging is fully considered before creating a final disclosure set.

Whilst outside counsel take the reins of the document review, as well as managing the platform, we can assist with the more technical aspects of the engagement drawing upon the expertise of our in-house forensic accounting, asset recovery and investigation specialists.  

A review platform powered by best-in-class technology
Our document review platform is powered by Reveal-Brainspace and offers a full suite of eDiscovery solutions in one seamless platform. Harnessing the latest in AI technology to get to the salient data as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, Reveal-Brainspace is now the platform of choice in over 40 countries (incorporating Machine Learning, Auto Translation/Transcription, Sentiment Analysis, Image Analysis, Concept Grouping and much more).

As we maintain the review environment in-house, we can offer competitive and visible pricing at the outset without charging for processing or users, therefore allowing for easy costs budgeting.

Key stages in our process
Typical eDiscovery engagements we work on involve a combination of the following:

  • Identification – initial scoping advice, to ascertain where the data resides and how best to collect it
  • Preservation – advice on the most appropriate way to preserve client data, prior to collection
  • Collection – our digital forensics team collect and retrieve data from a wide variety of sources such as laptops, desktops, server/network shares, smartphones, webmail (e.g. Office365, Gmail), and instant messaging/collaboration systems such as Slack and Teams 
  • Processing – consolidating and processing data for import into the review platform
  • Analysis – analysing and streamlining data based on client needs and utilising the AI, Machine Learning and translation capabilities of our review platform (See our ‘AI Enhanced’ Investigations page)
  • Review – supporting legal advisors with detailed and changeable document review stages
  • Production – exporting the ‘disclosure’ in any format for the opposing counsel

In summary, our experienced team, combined with the latest technology, can provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to investigations and disputes.