We have extensive experience in providing independent expert valuations of companies, shareholdings and other financial assets, either in the context of a dispute or as a standalone exercise in non-contentious situations.

Our team is regularly instructed by lawyers to undertake valuations for use in disputes, or by business owners, or their accountants, in non-contentious situations.

We have undertaken valuations of hundreds of businesses across most industry sectors and of all sizes. We have been instructed to value assets around the world.

Here’s an overview of the valuation services we offer.

Contentious valuations

We provide valuations in the context of:

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Divorce and other matrimonial matters 
  • Post-transaction disputes, particularly post-merger and acquisition
  • Quantifying damages 

Our forensic accounting and business valuation experts have been instructed to provide valuations in numerous cases with amounts in dispute from hundreds of thousands up to billions of pounds.

In addition to company valuations, we value financial assets such as share options, EMI scheme shares and other unquoted securities. Working alongside other specialists, we are regularly involved in the valuation of other assets such as intellectual property.

We are known for providing valuations and quantifications that are robust and responsive to the disputed issues.

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Non-contentious valuations

We have considerable experience in providing valuation advice and reports in non-contentious circumstances.

The circumstances of non-contentious valuations we provide include:

  • Independent valuations for financial reporting purposes 
  • Valuation of shares for tax purposes such as an EMI scheme
  • Other valuation advice including corporate reorganisations

We work collaboratively with our own tax experts to enable them to provide bespoke tax advice to their clients on matters such as IHT planning, share options and company restructuring or to negotiate settlements with the UK and overseas tax authorities.

We also work closely with our financial advisory team where necessary to provide valuations in the context of mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, share issues, intellectual property, and equity raising.

We are regularly appointed by accountants to provide independent valuation reports for their clients, particularly where there’s a perceived conflict of interest for the accountant.

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