The global COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the economic climate, which has thrown up many challenges for a vast number of businesses. It has also created investment opportunities for advisers and their clients which may not have otherwise been made available for those that have equity available.

How we can help: interested parties database

We connect buyers and investors with potential purchases of distressed assets based on their investment preferences by offering our referral network, business owners and private investors access to register their interest on our interested parties database.

Who is it for?

  • Advisers and their clients or direct investors can register on our database.
  • Individuals / private investors or entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

  • Complete our online form: follow the link to our online form, which only takes two minutes to complete. 
  • As you complete the form, you will need to select your clients' / your investment preferences including location, investment values and industry sectors.
  • We keep a record of preferences to cross-reference in the future.
  • We then capture information relating to distressed businesses and assets for sale – where we are appointed – on our central database. We also have access to other businesses and assets for sale through our network.


  • We then alert you to opportunities where the asset matches investment preferences.  We will share the details of the asset along with a branded document to share with your client(s), if needed.


Watch our short video

For more information on the process and how the database works, watch our video:

Why register?

Convenience - When we get in touch to notify you of opportunities, they are already filtered according to you or your clients' requirements. 

Speed - Time is of the essence in this space, and deals are often executed quickly. By registering you'll be made aware of opportunities at the earliest point in the process, meaning you have more time to evaluate whether the deal is right for you, and to organise and structure you or your clients' offers.

Our expertise -  As a leading advisory practice with extensive experience in restructuring and insolvency assignments and corporate finance deal structuring, we work across a broad range of industry sectors and with asset types of all values. This means we can connect your clients to all kinds of investment opportunities.