The global pandemic has made it even more critical for businesses to understand their financial health and to ensure they have the tools and systems in place to address issues proactively.

Knowing and managing a business’ trade credit position is a key component of this and, if not managed, can create financial problems. 

We have created a partnership with Lightbulb Credit to provide a service that helps businesses improve their credit scores, overcoming a range of problems as well as unlocking opportunities to support growth.

Benefits of using this service:

  • Overcome reductions in trade credit and problems with payment terms.
  • Address issues with restricted cash flow and working capital.
  • Helps businesses secure funding and improved leasing rates.
  • Overcome negative audit comments affecting scores.
  • Meet criteria for bids and tenders.

Corporate credit improvement service

Our credit improvement service provides businesses with a solution to improving their trade credit rating. The process is simple and fast, with improvements regularly achieved in a matter of days. The service is also completely risk-free as the business only pays on agreed results and clients have the reassurance that all cases are handled with complete confidentiality.

whats included in a report

How it works:

  • Review: a FREE report is provided showing a businesses current credit position. 
  • Recommend: the team at Lightbulb Credit identify specific actions needed to improve your ratings. 
  • Improve: you add your business info to the confidential templates provided and Lightbulb Credit do the rest.  
  • Results: with a 100% success rate Lightbulb Credit can improve ratings in as little as three days.
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In partnership with Lightbulb Credit

This service is delivered in partnership with Lightbulb Credit, the UK’s only advisor offering businesses the opportunity to improve their credit rating. Through agreements with the UK’s five main credit rating agencies, Lightbulb Credit can access credit reports and key company information, identifying potential issues that could lead to a low credit rating.

Businesses that have benefited from this service

Guides for professional advisers

To support other professional advisers, we have created a series of specific guides to highlight how our Corporate Credit Rating Advisory service works, the benefits to different types of firms and for their clients.

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lawyers guide

bank & alternative lenders guide

private equity guide

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