Accentuate by K3 Hub – part 12: Employee Ownership Trusts masterclass

Accentuate by K3 Hub – part 12: Employee Ownership Trusts masterclass

26 May 2023 9:00
On-demand webinar
On-demand webinar
Our third Accentuate by K3 Hub webinar of the year took place on Friday 26th May. 

In this session, aimed at accountants, lawyers and other professional advisers, we took an in depth look at the use of Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs).

EOT masterclass

Business owners are showing a growing interest in EOTs as an alternative avenue for selling their company. An EOT can provide a way to preserve the long-term ethos, values and culture of a business. But what exactly is an Employee Ownership Trust, how does a transaction work, does it suit any business, and what are the pitfalls owners should know about?

During this one-hour webinar, Adrian Howells and Holly Bedford cover:

  • The use of EOTs as a practical and viable exit solution
  • The realities of implementing an EOT
  • Tax hurdles
  • Debt and who gets paid first
  • What happens should an onward sale of a business take place.

On-demand webinar

Our speakers

Adrian Howells photo

Adrian Howells
Managing Director, Corporate Finance

Holly Bedford photo

Holly Bedford
Managing Director
K3 Tax Advisory

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