Acting for financial stakeholders, we provide advisory solutions for defined benefit pension schemes in distressed and non-distressed situations. 

We act for corporates and trustees as well as banks, private equity funds – and other financial stakeholders - to provide a range of advisory solutions for defined benefit (DB) pension schemes in both distressed and non-distressed situations. 

Pensions regulation and legal issues are complex. We have the experience, knowledge and deep technical expertise required to assess whatever the situation is for the scheme, business and for all stakeholders involved to then provide clear options and advice to implement the right solution. 

Our team works directly with stakeholders on refinancing, transactions, acquisitions, divestment, mergers and other restructuring or insolvency procedures. The team also act as advisor to trustee boards in relation to the financial strength of a sponsoring employer for the purpose of pensions scheme valuation. 

Corporate and trustee advisory
As part of our work with corporates and trustees we provide restructuring advice where there is a pension scheme involved. Read more

We assist trustees in assessing the financial position of a sponsoring employer company to determine any appropriate action by undertaking a covenant review. Read more

We also act as an expert witness in relation to defined benefit pension scheme disputes and a specialism relating to The Pensions Regulator in relation to the exercise of their powers of restitution.

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