Paul Zalkin


I have nearly 20 years’ experience advising investors, lenders and directors of businesses exposed to the causes and consequences of financial distress. I have certain sector focusses but equally enjoy the challenge of working with people across all industries. Many of my clients are FinTech Businesses in the Peer to Peer and debt based Crowdfunding space.

I strive to align the firm’s success with an improved outcome for clients. My approach combines robust commerciality, strong technical skills, excellent client service and an empathetic attitude to the stakeholders with whom I work.

Memberships / Qualifications:


Specialist expertise:

FinTech Advisory
SME corporate distress and insolvency
Property distress and insolvency
Residential care home distress and insolvency
Hospitality and leisure distress and insolvency

About Me:

My wife and I have two young children and share with them a love of travel, skiing, exploration, cooking, eating and adventure, all of which grew out of past experiences travelling throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia.

When at home I test my wife’s patience by starting major DIY projects, some of which I finish.

I am also a keen pianist, noted mainly for enthusiasm and rarely for ability.


07469 850 972