This 45-minute session was delivered by Jessie King and Ben Crowne.

Between Jessie and Ben, they have significant expertise in valuing businesses and shareholdings within them. Valuation assignments often relate to shareholder or partnership disputes, matrimonial disputes, and post M&A transactions. Both are involved in contentious and non-contentious valuations (for example, for tax purposes).

They work with a broad range of clients including individuals, owner-managed businesses, partnerships and multinational corporates.

This session covers:

  • The different types of valuations and why they are required
  • What happens when a seemingly straightforward valuation assignment turns hostile?
  • The process for determining a valuation beyond assets on a balance sheet
  • Valuing start-ups or growing businesses and the importance of a robust forecast
  • Ensuring a valuation stands up to scrutiny

Valuations masterclass