Accentuate by K3 Hub – part 13

Accentuate by K3 Hub – part 13

23 June 2023 9:00
On-demand webinar
On-demand webinar
Technical update and corporate credit ratings masterclass for professional advisers. Our fourth Accentuate by K3 Hub webinar of the year took place on Friday 23rd June.

In this session, aimed at accountants, lawyers and other professional advisers, we looked at the forthcoming changes to R&D tax credits and explored corporate credit ratings with our guest speaker, James Piper from Lightbulb Credit.

Forthcoming changes to R&D tax credits
With more changes to the R&D tax credits scheme set to come into effect on 1st August, this session considers the changes in more detail to equip advisers with the knowledge to better identify qualifying projects and how the process for submitting claims will change.
During his session, Nigel Langrick, senior manager at randd uk ltd, R&D tax credits specialists, covers:

  • A background to the forthcoming changes and when they take effect
  • What will change?
    • Process for submitting claims – details, impacts and actions
    • Qualifying expenditure
    • Tackling abuse / improving compliance – the rise of the enquiry (and an example of how we’ve worked together with colleagues at inTAX to resolve)
    • Measures to address anomalies and unforeseen consequences
  • What it means for you and your clients
  • Steps you can take to get ahead
  • Identifying qualifying projects
  • How we can help – desktop reviews / virtual clinics

Corporate credit ratings update
Trade credit ratings are a key indicator of business financial health. But how are credit ratings derived and how can professional advisers help their clients proactively manage their credit rating? 
In this session, James Piper from Lightbulb Credit, the UK’s first corporate credit ratings advisory service, explores:

  • Why credit ratings are so important
  • The factors that influence credit ratings
  • The solutions available to help address a poor credit rating
  • Processes and timeframes
  • The steps professional advisers can take to help their clients

On-demand webinar

Our speakers

Nigel Langrick photo

Nigel Langrick
Senior Manager
randd uk ltd

James Piper photo

James Piper
Founder and Managing Director
Lightbulb Credit

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Accentuate by K3 Hub, a regular series of webinars which are part of the K3 Hub training and events programme, is designed to provide professional advisers with the latest industry developments and practical tips on building a profitable practice.