The out of home food sector: what does the future look like?

Report: A guide on the likely drivers of success post-lockdown

by Jonathan Thornton

We have joined forces with COBA to look at the factors likely to impact the performance of the out of home (OOH) food market as we look to a ‘new normal’

In this report we check the industry’s pulse as the UK reopens its OOH sector, looking at the key trends that are likely to determine success, including:

1.    Food safety and hygiene
2.    Customer experience
3.    Marketing and communications
4.    Revenue management
5.    Delivery 
6.    Financial robustness

Other key findings:

  • We are positive about the recovery of this sector but only in the medium-term and for the market overall. 
  • Whilst the various support mechanisms the UK Government put in place will help many players regain and increase its share of the consumer pocket, it doesn’t change the facts. 
  • There will be significant structural changes; one of which is highly likely to be rapid consolidation.

Interviewing an industry leader:
In the report we interview Stephan Croix, an independent, industry leader with many years of experience in helping brands to grow and restructure. 

Download a copy of the report to gain the full picture.

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