COVID-19 has radically altered the way that businesses across the globe operate and trade. But how is today’s new business landscape affecting companies that don’t just trade within their own borders, but across multiple jurisdictions too?

Just like the virus itself, the financial fallout of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has no respect for national borders. Economies and businesses right around the world have felt the impact of the pandemic – to a lesser or greater extent – and have been forced to adapt quickly to a business landscape that now looks very different to its pre-COVID-19 state.
In our latest article, five key members of our global Restructuring and Insolvency team share their own first-hand experiences of how the pandemic is challenging businesses in their own countries, highlighting:

  • The effect of international travel constraints on businesses;
  • The strain felt by supply chains; and
  • The challenges facing countries like Mauritius and Cyprus.


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