Webinar series: Helping you prepare for the post pandemic world part three: maximise

Webinar series: Helping you prepare for the post pandemic world part three: maximise

30 July 2021
On-demand webinar
On-demand webinar
As we look towards brighter times, it’s likely that businesses will turn to their professional advisers for support and assistance in assessing the financial cost of the pandemic.   

To help professional advisers support their clients, ensuring that they are in the best possible position to survive the challenging months ahead, we developed a three-part webinar series offering expert guidance and advice. These webinars focussed on a range of topics from dealing with the debt mountain to tax strategies, diversification, and raising finance. 

This series of webinars is part of the K3 Hub training and events programme. Last year, we merged with K3 Capital Group Plc and since then we have launched the K3 Hub – a member network for professional advisers developed by us and other parts of the K3 Capital Group. 

Using practical examples and case studies, during the sessions we examined the various stages of ‘building back better’: consolidate, optimise and maximise. 

Part one: Consolidate Watch on-demand here.

Part two: Optimise Watch on-demand here.

Part three: Maximise;

  • Diversification – taking advantage of opportunities
  • Raising finance and structuring deals
  • Distressed M&A – putting yourself into the shoes of an administrator
  • Tax strategies to support transactions


Watch on-demand

The event was chaired by Simon Bonney, Managing Director, Restructuring & Insolvency, Quantuma.

Speakers from Quantuma and the wider K3 Capital Group include:
• Louise Durkan, Financial advisory, Quantuma
• Karl Holmes, K3 Debt Advisory
• Holly Bedford, K3 Tax Advisory
• Adam Zoldan, Knight Corporate Finance

Not a K3 Hub member? 

If you would like to know more about the services we offer and the advantages they could bring to your clients, or to become a member, please visit our K3 Hub website.