Quantuma has a team highly experienced in forensic accounting, expert witness and dispute advisory, investigations, forensic technology and valuations.

Our clients are a diverse mix of law firms, Government agencies, regulatory bodies, corporates and individuals.

Expert witness and dispute advisory 

We are experienced, credible and highly regarded with senior team members having acted as expert witnesses in hundreds of UK and international disputes across a wide range of industries... Read more

Expert determination

Alternative dispute resolution is on the increase. Being largely conflict free, we regularly act as jointly appointed expert determiners to resolve contractual disputes, including post M&A transaction matters such as earn outs and completion accounts. We also act as advisers to assist parties making submissions where another expert is acting as determiner... Read more

Investigations & asset recovery

Our experts in investigation and asset recovery matters work with law firms, corporates, government and individuals on cross-border litigation, fraud, debt/asset recovery, arbitration, and corporate matters... Read more

Forensic technology

Acting as a standalone service or supporting investigations and dispute resolution, we have in-house capability to extract and analyse data from servers, computers and other digital media to a forensic standard... Read more


When it comes to responding to a legal matter, time is of the essence, and many disputes now require many thousands of electronic documents and emails to be reviewed and assessed before disclosure to opposing counsel and court. Our experts can assist at all stages of an eDiscovery exercise, from identifying and preserving initial data, through to document review and production... Read more

Business & share valuation

Our forensic accounting team is regularly instructed to provide valuations of businesses (and shareholdings in them) in both the UK and overseas. The valuations we undertake can range in size.... Read more

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