International Investigations

Accurate intelligence gathering to minimise risks

Our international investigations specialists help ensure that your business does not fall prey to fraud, bogus insurance claims, unscrupulous business partners or dishonest employees. We are experts in sensitive and accurate intelligence gathering, specialising in international due diligence, executive background investigations and foreign corporate intelligence. We work to unlock the secrets of off-shore companies and bank accounts and operate in over 100 countries.

We are a trusted, proven and tested resource capable of working with law firms, financial institutions, companies, family offices as well as high net-worth individuals in every jurisdiction throughout the world. We have our own in-country agents, who deliver actionable reports in english and have a strong understanding of local laws as well as legislation, allowing them to provide advice to clients regarding international law.

Successful legal action and investments are successful when founded on the most comprehensive and accurate information. Our team of highly-trained specialists and agents all originate from relevant professional backgrounds; including government intelligence agencies, Asian & Middle Eastern finance, and from some of the highest ranks within the British, Foreign and Commonwealth military services. We have firm roots in traditional intelligence gathering methods, coupled with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and tactics. Absolute integrity and discretion are at the heart of what we do.

We know your reputation may be at stake, which is why our investigators always act within the boundaries of the laws and customs of the country in which they work. All information presented to you is available in the public domain and is legally obtainable. We always pursue our investigations with the utmost professionalism so that both your reputation and ours is safe.

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