Management Buy Outs (MBO’s) and Management Buy Ins (MBI’s)

Management Buy Outs (MBO’s) and Management Buy Ins (MBI’s)

We have collectively enabled several high performing management teams to realise their dreams of owning and operating businesses through an MBO or MBI. We work closely with management teams to manage the complex, time-consuming and often highly charged process on their behalf.

An MBO or MBI involves the existing management team of a business acquiring all or most of the share capital in their company or the company of another and becoming owner-managers themselves. It is an opportunity for management teams to generate significant personal wealth, provided the deal is structured well. However, it can also be technically complicated and time-consuming. It is imperative that management teams have advisers who they can trust and who have the experience to not only negotiate the best possible deal for them, but also the ability to secure funding appropriate to the transaction and the specific dynamics of their business.

It is our role to secure the best deal for management, not only the best price but the best funding and equity structure using our expertise and technical knowledge of similar transactions, market conditions and sponsor requirements.

We have strong relationships with the UK’s leading private equity houses and debt providers and, as a result, have a deep understanding of not only your requirements to achieve a successful completion but also on how to secure the best terms in the current economic climate.

We consider it our responsibility to manage the many complexities of the process and to ensure that management teams remain focused on maintaining the performance of the business at this crucial time.