Our Investigators work with leading law firms, financial institutions and organisations, advising on complex multi-jurisdictional matters, including litigation, fraud, debt/asset recovery, arbitration and corporate.

Our team work with your in house counsel and/or appointed lawyers to ensure you are successful in achieving your goals; to win your litigation, trace a debtor, recover assets or to successfully complete an acquisition, our team and international network underpin these aims by providing services such as due diligence, intelligence gathering, surveillance, computer forensics, tracing assets and people.

We believe the key to successful investigations is to act fast.  Delays can reduce the chances of securing vital evidence and will usually lengthen and increase the cost of the investigations.

Our partner led approach is scalable; we can quickly resource and mobilise a global team, whilst maintaining control at a senior level and keeping within your agreed budget.

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Investigative Due Diligence
  • Business Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property Brand Protection
  • Asset & People/Debtor Tracing