Our team has comprehensive experience in the sale of private companies for financial institutions and individual shareholders.

We have led on a significant number of disposals in recent years and we have extensive experience in successfully negotiating the completion of complex deals. Our team uphold the common goals of value, deliverability and timing that are critical to all shareholders in a disposal process.

For many shareholders, selling their business is a once in a lifetime event. We work with shareholders, stakeholders and their advisers to deliver the optimum outcome based on a combination of price, form of consideration, deal structure and compatible purchaser within an agreed timescale.

We manage a disposal process proactively, from the initial planning and pre-marketing stages through to completion. Our process is partner /director led, and as an entrepreneurial business ourselves we understand the drivers and pressures owner-managers face.

The start of a process is often the idea that a shareholder is interested in their business value and whether it can be sold. We provide clients with an exit strategy review and advise shareholders of the range of exit options available to them. This can include:

  • full or partial trade sale; QTR Transport, Survey and Construction Limited, The Classic Bag Company Limited
  • sale to management via institutional funding; BOFA, Grace Personnel Limited, ILG Limited
  • restructuring the business to facilitate an equity release. Oxford Computer Group Limited

Through our research capability and relationships with acquisitive corporates and private equity groups, we will identify the potential purchasers with the strategic rationale and financial capability to both pay a premium price and also deliver the deal.