Creditor Services

Creditor Services

The Quantuma Creditor Services team can advise on the best way to protect your position when someone that owes you money enters or is approaching an insolvency process and our goal is simple – to improve your financial outcome.

Whether an insolvency process is being undertaken outside or within the Courts, the onus is on you to lodge a claim for what is owed to you or to assert your rights to recover your goods if you have not been paid for them.

You may not understand the process or the documentation and may have only received a partial explanation of your rights as a creditor.

Equally you may understand the process, but believe that an enhanced level of independent scrutiny is required to investigate the debtor’s distress or insolvency and the circumstances giving rise to them failing to pay you.

If you find yourself in any of these situations we are here to help.

Our team collaborates with creditors and attempts to bring together those who choose to play a significant part in the management and investigation of both corporate and personal insolvencies. We will help you engage with the process and to protect your rights, and if you find the system confusing we will explain it to you in user friendly terms.


  • Taking formal appointments to act as the Insolvency Practitioners where appropriate to ensure creditor interests are protected and investigations and actions are pursued where necessary
  • Advising you on the insolvency process being proposed and whether this represents the best return to you
  • Attending meetings of creditors as your nominated representative and acting on Creditors’ Committees
  • Voting on resolutions and proposing modifications to maximise your return
  • Assisting with lodging a claim in good time and monitoring dividend payments to maximise returns
  • Advising on and asserting your Retention of Title rights to help you recover your goods where possible and minimise the impact of future insolvencies