Business Readiness Review

Business Readiness Review

Key questions for a business owner and entrepreneur are often “what is my business worth”, “how do I go about selling it” and “will someone buy it”.

There is often a period of consideration from the start of the process to going to market. Key questions to be considered include

  • What do I need to do to get my business ready for sale?
  • When is the best time to sell my business?
  • How much will I get for my business?
  • Who will buy my business?
  • How long will I need to stay involved?
  • Will my business stay the same after I have sold it?

Completing a “Sale readiness review “will answer many the key questions creating a “footprint” of where the business is today and a clear “roadmap” of what needs to be completed for a successful sale.

Our “Sale readiness review” is a structured approach to help make the sale process as smooth as possible as well as providing a guide to creating and keeping shareholder value.

Through this review we will

  • Help you understand your business value today, against competitors, benchmarking to recent transactions and active buyer groups
  • Create a 360-degree view of your business considering the “strength profile”, which is our way of looking at your market, customers, suppliers, products, systems, controls and management.
  • Consider the ability to create value through improved processes such as tighter working capital, gearing and tax planning
  • The value creation from making a strategic acquisition
  • Identify potential buyers which may be to the trade, a private equity firm or management.
  • Identify the optimum time to go to market to realise the value you want.

The earlier you understand your plan the more that can be achieved. Typically, a 2-year period will allow key changes to be made if needed, 12 months good housekeeping and 6 months a spring clean to ensure a smooth process. There is often a trade-off between “maximising value” and the need to start the process as you are ready to move on. The” sale readiness review” will help you decide.