FAQs - Quantuma Careers

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. How often do you update your website with new roles?

ANS: Our website is updated every time a new role occurs, so please keep checking for new vacancies.

2. Can I apply for more than one role?

ANS: Yes, but please bear in mind that although the application process may be similar, positions can vary because of the locations of our offices and the different types of clients that we work with. If you want to know more about a particular role you can get in touch with the team at recruitment@quantuma.com

3. Can I apply by post rather than online?

ANS: The best way to apply is online but if you have any questions or issues applying you can contact the Recruitment Team directly at recruitment@quantuma.com

4. I can’t find any suitable vacancies. Can I still send you my CV?

ANS: Yes, if there are no suitable roles advertised you are welcome to send in your CV to recruitment@quantuma.com and the team will contact you should anything suitable arise.

5. What can I expect at interview?

ANS: Congratulations – you’ve been invited for interview, so on paper at least you’ve got what it takes to come and join us. Now it’s time to think about the interview!

  • What are you going to wear? We would expect candidates to wear formal business wear, but if you have any doubts please email: recruitment@quantuma.com
  • How are you going to get to the interview? As you’d expect, you’ll be sent interview confirmation details including the location, who you’ll be meeting and any other specific instructions so that you are fully prepared. Remember, travel isn’t always problem free, so make sure you have a contact name and number to call if you are delayed.
  • What questions will you be asked? The interview, as you’d expect, is your opportunity to tell us all about you! Use the opportunity to tell us how your skills and experience match the role and to show how much you’ve researched Quantuma in preparation for the interview.
  • We will want to know more about: Your relevant experience? Your technical understanding? Your aspirations and how Quantuma can help you fulfil them? What you know about us?

6. Do you have any general interview tips?

ANS: Be yourself; act naturally. We want to get to know you. The interviewer is there to help you give a full picture of what you have achieved in the past and won’t be trying to trick you or catch you out in any way.

  • Listen carefully to the questions. Don’t be afraid to take time to collect your thoughts and think of your best example to fit the question before speaking.
  • It’s okay to ask questions. Remember it’s a two-way conversation! We want you to find out more about us too so you can decide whether you would like to work for us.
  • It’s also okay to ask the interviewer to repeat a question, or to check your understanding of what’s being asked.
  • Your interviewer will be busy taking notes during the interview and may not be able to maintain eye contact with you. Don’t let this distract you or put you off. It’s their job to get everything down so they have an accurate record of what you have said in the interview.
  • If the interview is to be conducted by telephone, it’s just as important as a face-to-face interview so follow the same preparation guidelines.

Good luck and we look forward to meeting you!

7. Where can I find out more about Quantuma?

ANS: For more information about Quantuma you can visit our website: www.quantuma.com