Meet our people

Testimonials from recently recruited staff throughout the business

Chloé Williams – Assistant Administrator

“I have worked for Quantuma for over a year and a half now and, in that time, I feel I have grown both professionally and personally.

When I first saw the role of Trainee Administrator, I really did not know anything about Quantuma or have any knowledge about insolvency. I did some research on the company but when I came to interview with the team, they put me at ease from the very start of the process. We talked through what the role entailed and how it could potentially be the start of a career where I could learn and grown within Quantuma.

As soon as I joined the team everyone made me feel so welcome and allowed me to work at my own pace. I had one-to-one support and mentoring with a senior member of the team and, even now, there is always someone available to speak to when I need advice or a second opinion.

It was not always easy. As a Trainee Insolvency Administrator there is a huge amount of information and processes to learn, and I had to spend time on my time management skills. This was my first proper job and the team at Quantuma understood that it would take a bit of time and support to ensure that I was up to speed. I learned quickly that to succeed here you have to focus on working as a team and taking on board all the learnings you can.

If I was giving anyone joining the company advice it would be to take every opportunity you can to learn and upskill yourself. If you want to do training, attend seminars or simply learn from your colleagues all you have to do is ask. Some people may look at the role as boring or one dimensional but there is so much more to it. Quantuma is very focused on supporting the growth of their people and we are lucky that we have a great knowledge base in our team, and everyone is willing to help you learn. You are dealing with so many different people and every day is different. There are definitely some bits of the job that can be quite monotonous, but you have to remember that you are part of a bigger picture and all working towards the same goal.

But it is not just all about work, I think I have attended every social event that Quantuma has put on since I joined, from bowling to book clubs! Everyone seems to enjoy a bit of fun and it has been really good to get to know everyone from all the different departments.

If I had to sum on Quantuma in one word it would be “inclusive”, I am looking forward to what I can achieve in the next few years where I hope to undertake the next step which is studying towards the CPI qualification.”


Ben Ekberry – Senior Administrator

“I joined Quantuma 4 years ago as an assistant administrator having completed my degree in Business and Management.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and, when the opportunity with Quantuma came up, I was interested to find out more about the career opportunities. My first impressions were good, the role seemed interesting and I could tell that it was not going to be a boring job. From the start it seemed like something that I could really get involved in with a view to forging a career path.

The team here is really knowledgeable, everyone is always talking, sharing information and asking questions. It was great for me coming into insolvency with no experience because I was able to learn on the job and get the support from the team.

I was promoted to Administrator after about a year and then Senior Administrator after about three and a half years. I have also been busy completing my CIP qualification which I passed in the summer and was grateful to Quantuma for funding and giving me the time to study.

Quantuma has supported me throughout my time here in terms of learning and developing myself. The company supports all type of additional learning, if you find a course that you think will support your development or learning then they will always try and accommodate it.

As with all jobs it isn’t always easy, we often have challenging conversations with people and sometimes have to work very quickly to get something done.

I think everyone will probably say the same but the best thing, for me, about working at Quantuma is the people I work with every day. We all get along really well and it’s a really sociable environment that has helped me come out of my shell more and more since I started. I happily get involved in all of the social activities that are on offer including our football and netball teams.

If I had to offer some words of wisdom to someone joining Quantuma it would be to enjoy the process of learning and give it time. There is a lot to learn when you join but, if you stick with it, the rewards and the job satisfaction are very worthwhile. Put the time in and ask as many questions at you can. It probably sounds cliché but there really are no stupid questions, the team is very knowledgable and we welcome people who want to learn and make the team stronger with their knowledge.“


Tom Graham – Assistant Administrator

“I joined Quantuma after completing my Law degree which included a post grad in insolvency. After finishing university, I was not sure what I wanted to do but, having really enjoyed the insolvency side of things, I was drawn to a career where I could expand on that.

My first impressions of Quantuma during my interview process were really positive. Everyone, no matter what role they had in the organisation, seemed to have the same focus, ambitions and goals when it came to the success of the business.

I went in with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. My role is focused on working on cases for companies that are going through insolvency. I think people tend to have a preconceived idea of what a role in insolvency would be like, they may think that it is boring or a bit one dimensional but that is definitely not the case.

Each case is always very different, if you think about how different one company could be from the next as well as the type of people you would be talking to in that situation it means that no two days are the same. Not every day is easy, we sometimes have to have really difficult conversations with clients, and we tend to work at a fast pace too, so you have to learn quite quickly to manage your time.

One of the best things about Quantuma, for me, is the people. Professionally you always have someone to bounce ideas off or get advice from and we are lucky enough to have a wealth of experience around us in the office. Everyone here has a really good attitude to work and people always make time to help you learn which I really appreciate now and especially when I first joined.

This was my first proper job after finishing my studies and to be able to work in a friendly, hardworking atmosphere has been great. On a personal level, having recently moved to the area, I have really enjoyed the social side of Quantuma. I have joined the football and netball teams and really enjoyed getting to know people in other departments.

The company are also really supportive when it comes to self-development, so I am looking forward to undertaking some further insolvency courses in the coming months and then hopefully start my CPI next year.

If I had to give any one joining the company now some advice it would be ask as many questions as possible. Even the simplest of things can help you go along way and we have a great team of experienced people here who are always happy to help.”



Vidya Verlkumar – Marketing Manager

“I joined Quantuma in October 2018, but I must say it feels like I’ve been here for ages…in a good way! Having enjoyed a somewhat accelerated career in Marketing to date, the time felt right to leave my previous role and take on an exciting, new position at Quantuma.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Quantuma having not heard too much about them prior to joining, but I’m pleased to say that the company exceeded my expectations on all accounts. From the onset, I quickly realised that Quantuma is a place of collaboration, respect, quality and ambition. The interaction I have enjoyed with colleagues since my very first interview hasn’t fallen short of amazing. The team here are really knowledgeable with many members having well over 25 years’ experience in their chosen field.

Coming into a Marketing Manager role with little to no experience in corporate finance and asset-based lending (the areas I am ultimately responsible for) was daunting to say the least. However, I feel that I have found my feet fairly quickly and that is a testament to the astounding support network I have been fortunate to have around me.

Quantuma’s people are definitely its greatest asset. From the first day, I have been made to feel welcome, respected and above all, valued. The team have gone out of their way to involve me in exciting projects whilst also challenging me in ways I never thought possible. Within a few days of joining, I knew that moving to Quantuma was the best decision I made for myself on both a professional and personal level.

One of the best things about doing what I do in a rapidly growing company. No day is ever the same. Every day I’m learning something new, trying new things and interacting with different people. From planning and executing internal communications campaigns to helping organise nationwide client events amongst other things – life at Quantuma is an exciting adventure and one that I hope will continue in years to come.”