Our team have been busy looking ahead and reviewing what we predict will be key business opportunities and challenges in 2019.

retail Managing Partner Carl Jackson takes a closer look at the retail sector
  Legal Sean Bucknall looks at future trends within the Professional Services Sector
Deal Activity Ian Barton provides thoughts and predictions on anticipated Merger and Acquisition activity in 2019.
 HMRC Chris Newell looks at what 2019 will hold for those affected by the charge on loans
Credit Cards Carl Jackson discusses the trends within lending and business borrowing in 2019
  Hospitality Hospitality industry expert Nick Simmonds predicts what the future holds for the industry in 2019
Cyber Security Investigations expert Mike Wright advises on the risk of Spoofing attacks to businesses in 2019
 Handshake Peer-to-Peer lending looks to increase in 2019, says Quantuma’s Frank Wessely
 Accounting firm Carl Jackson predicts that 2019 could see more high profile mergers and acquisitions inside the top 20 accounting firms
  Sectors Ian Barton with the Corporate Finance predictions for M&A buoyancy across sectors next year
   hand and money - insolvency  Mark Sands predicts a smaller rate of increase in Personal Insolvencies in 2019
Will another big construction firm fail in 2019?  Quantuma’s Chris Newell takes a closer look

Our colleagues in Cyprus examine the Cypriot business landscape