Quantuma issue advice after a popular kids’ football centre near Portsmouth closed without warning

Corporate recovery and business advisory firm Quantuma has issued advice on getting refunds after a popular kids’ football centre near Portsmouth closed without warning.

Soccer City and Fun City in Fareham announced earlier this week that it was closing down, and various parents have since claimed they cannot contact the owners to reclaim deposits paid for their children’s parties.

The indoor Soccer City football centre had reportedly been running for 25 years, while the adjacent Fun City offered soft play, and both venues were regular locations for kids’ parties and community sports events.

Andrew Watling, a partner at Quantuma in Southampton, said: “There are likely to be a lot of disappointed parents who have paid up front or deposits for kids’ parties and their success in securing refunds could well depend on how they paid.

“If they have paid by credit card, they should contact their provider and should be able to secure a full refund if they have spent over £100, according to Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

“Those who have paid by debit card should contact their bank to discuss the position with them as certain bank accounts may provide some level of cover where a consumer does not receive the goods or services they have paid for.”

Mr Watling explained that if people were unable to claim refunds from their bank or credit card provider, they might rank as an unsecured creditor if the closure of Soccer City and Fun City results in liquidation.

However he made the point that no formal process has yet been announced and Soccer City and Fun City may be planning to make refunds.

If liquidation or administration takes place, people who have paid deposits for future events would be entitled to receive information from the appointed Officeholder (prior to and following their appointment).

Mr Watling added: “You will only receive a return from the liquidation if the company’s assets are sufficient to settle the costs of the liquidation, which are agreed by creditors, in full, and in this instance any claims that employees may have for arrears of wages up to £800 and accrued holiday pay.

“Any funds left would then be distributed equally among all the unsecured creditors.”

He stressed: “The key advice is generally to use a credit card, where possible, to purchase such goods, where they cost over £100, as there is protection in place to cover the consumer in the event that the goods are not ultimately supplied.

He added “Quantuma have already spoken to a number of people owed money by Soccer City or Fun City, but we have also been contacted by others who might be interested in buying the businesses, should they become available, so we hope the situation becomes clearer soon”.

Should you have any concerns you can contact Quantuma LLP on 023 8033 6464 or at info@quantuma.com.

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