Creditor Services

Trusted advisers to businesses

We are trusted advisers to businesses, offering a range of services to help clients proactively collect any monies owed.

Our team of creditor services experts at Quantuma have many years of experience helping businesses collect monies owed to them on a case-by-case basis or through managing large, live insolvent client portfolios. Our team of debt collection specialists has a strong track record of recovering unpaid debts and can undertake debt management, drive debt collection and instigate legal action on behalf of clients, enabling them to focus on running their business. This can include winding-up petitions and statutory demands.

We also help our clients identify customers at risk of financial difficulty through live tracking of credit scores and credit worthiness as well as help them plan activity to assist collection. Our credit representation specialists also help creditors navigate their way through the complexities of insolvency. We can attend meetings of creditors and help manage the decision process as a nominated representative. We pride ourselves on taking a diligent approach to client care. Our clients benefit from an extensive range of services and the support of a team with in-depth knowledge.  We have experience in helping many successful companies minimise debt risk and increase recovery, and are confident we can help you to overcome financial obstacles proactively and efficiently.