Business Toolkit

Getting your business on a sustainable footing

Looking objectively at your business and identifying the specific challenges it is facing is crucial to getting back onto a sustainable footing.

It can be critical to your ability to secure the support of your stakeholders and facilitate the deployment of a workable plan to drive the corrective action needed.

Our Special Situations team has created a series of tools to help businesses assess the key fundamentals of their operation, to formulate the right plan and implement it.

Our toolkit includes a series of assessments to rapidly analyse the current financial health of a business and its overall financial and management controls.

The results of the assessment together with a summary of the key recommendations and actions for the business to take are presented in our diagnostics report.

How it can help

  1. Assess how prepared a business is to face a prolonged period of uncertainty.
  2. Assists in establishing a plan of action to optimise recovery post-lockdown.
  3. Helps the business to understand and assess their options.

Why use it?

  • Helps you identify specific challenges quickly in the key areas of operation
  • Use it as a tool t overall business improvement and for future planning
  • Simple and easy to use RAG system to rate areas of the business

Our main diagnostic tool questionnaire will assess:

  • Overall financial health and controls
  • Balance sheet components
  • Financing and security

You can download an example of part of a report here.


A questionnaire to assess:

  • Overall financial health and controls
  • Balance sheet components
  • Financing and security


A tool to help businesses with their approach to any CBILS application process. Our team will guide you through a series of questions to capture the necessary information in order to present the right information.

See an example application template here.


A review of any existing facilities to assess current suitabbility to support financial analysis undertaken as part of the overall diagnostic.

See an example invoice discounting review here

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Faced with an ever-evolving situation, our experts have been speaking to a variety of different businesses with regards to how they are coping with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Watch the first of our weekly webinars, hosted by our experts, Louise Durkan and Philippa Robinson, who discuss the latest hot topics, challenges and issues in the market. Watch it here.

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