Webinar: Loosening the lockdown - How will UK Government and businesses navigate the recovery?


This webinar, in the format of a Q&A session investigates how the UK Government and businesses navigate the recovery as we ease lockdown.

You can watch the webinar On-demand below or click here for a copy of the presentation.


As the UK makes its first steps out of the lockdown, our webinar considers the tax and spend policies that the Government is likely to adopt and the challenges and opportunities businesses will need to address. Taking the format of a Q&A session between Jeremy Mindell and one of our restructuring and insolvency partners, Chris Newell.

The discussion covers a range of topics and subjects including:

  • Which sectors are likely to obtain additional support?
  • Which tax reliefs will be most useful to businesses in the recovery stage?
  • What tax issues will remain critical in the coming months?
  • What effect will Covid 19 have on future tax policy?