Webinar: The post-lockdown environment and options for businesses in distress


In conjunction with the Doyle Club, we held a live webinar and panel discussion to explore what the construction and property development market might look like post-lockdown. In this webinar, our panel also discuss what the options look like for businesses that may be experiencing distress.



Speakers on our panel include;

  • Terry Chapman, Chief Executive at PDSI who talks through project recovery as well as technical and potential COVID-19 disputes; and 
  • Andrew Watling and Graham Randall, restructuring and insolvency partners from business advisory firm, Quantuma.

Our panel look to provide practical insight and views on what businesses can do to manage the challenges posed as we move through what is likely to be a very tough recovery period as the UK economy moves slowly out of lockdown. Specifically the team will cover: 

  • Emerging from the lockdown 
  • Project recovery identification and approach 
  • Disputes - technical experts, COVID-19 and time analysis & cost analysis 
  • Creditor rights in insolvency including insolvency law update (moratorium, petitions and statutory demands) 
  • Options for distressed businesses including insolvency processes and advisory 
  • A case study in construction where contracts were saved