We have a firm commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our CSR programme is centred around three core principles: 

  1. Empowering our people.
  2. Strengthening our communities.
  3. Protecting our planet.

Our CSR programme also focuses on the importance of:

  • recognising today’s societal challenges;
  • engaging in the discourse surrounding these challenges; and 
  • raising awareness and sharing our views and experiences as appropriate. 

Here’s how we act on our core principles, to deliver results.

Empowering people

  • Recognising, promoting awareness of and acknowledging the positive impact of our differences, and celebrating them.
  • Continuing to recognise those who ‘go the extra mile’.
  • Improving our employees’ experience.

Strengthening communities

The primary objective for this CSR principle is to ‘give back’ to our local communities and to those which have an impact on us, collectively or as individuals. Each year we nominate a charity of the year and collaborate with them in a variety of ways throughout the course of the year, through:

  • fundraising activities.
  • raising awareness of the work they do.
  • providing every team member with one paid volunteering day per year.

Protecting our planet

We recognise the need to minimise our impact on the environment and focus our efforts on making our office spaces as environmentally friendly as possible.

Supporting charities

Each year we look to support a charity through various fundraising initiatives. This year we are supporting Bowel Cancer UK. You can learn more about why we chose this charity and our fundraising efforts and challenges through our Just Giving page. Donations are always welcome.