Project Granada

Discreet Internal Company Investigations

Systemic fraud via the use of “Ghost Workers”, with quantified losses of over £1m


This project centred on a UK PLC, who supplied infrastructure services via a network of sub contracted employees.  The company was very successful and had undergone rapid expansion, promoting the Sales Director to Managing Director whilst the Chairman took a back-seat role.  After a period of time, the Finance Director noticed anomalies with the payroll, and decided to investigate.


The investigation required discreet urgent internal investigations to assist the client in understanding the nature and size of the fraud. 


Our Forensic Accounting team undertook a forensic digital interrogation of the computer systems, and immediately identified systemic fraud via the use of “Ghost Workers”, with quantified losses of over £1m.  Additional investigations revealed the details of another scheme involving the Managing Director, a supplier and a member of staff involving over £1m of property assets which had been purchased by the conspirators via a corporate vehicle.

After initially denying any knowledge of the fraud, once presented with the facts the Managing Director agreed to hand over the property portfolio and was dismissed.

Our client used the information gathered during our investigations to settle in full.