Adoption Investigation

People Tracing

May 15th 2019

Tracing a biological family


The Investigations team were instructed by a family lawyer to help their client find his natural family.  He was born in 1951 and aged 67 at the time of our appointment.  His adoptive mother was 99 and was residing in a care home with dementia.  Although he was brought up as an only child in a loving family, the client had always felt that he had been missing a piece of the jigsaw. 


During the course of our investigations, we identified him to have an older brother of 71.  The team approached the brother, explaining the circumstances - he was delighted as he has also been brought up as an only child.  

The team found out that their client’s natural mother was still alive and well into her early 90’s.

After 3 days we were able to arrange a meeting where the two brothers met for the first time. This was of course a very emotional meeting.

After two weeks the elder brother approached his mother to ask her about the adoption and she explained how in the early 1950’s she was unable to bring up two children as a single parent and for the sake of all she decided to let the baby go at birth.  

The investigations team are currently in the process of organising a meeting with our client and his natural mother.