Liquidation of kitchen designer & fitter


  • Kitchen designers and fitters.
  • Creditor assistance at the S98 meeting


  • We were contacted by a local solicitor whose client had serious concerns over the conduct of a Company who owed them a substantial amount of money
  • The solicitor had attempted to collect the debt due to it’s client for a number of months when a notice of a creditors meeting under section 98 of the Insolvency Act was received. The creditor was owed circa £95k
  • In order to ensure the Company’s actions were investigated in full, the creditor nominated us as Liquidator and due to the large sum owed to the creditor, our nomination outweighed the other nominations. We were therefore appointed as Liquidators
  • A full investigation has been undertaken into the affairs of the Company and certain transactions have been identified that warrant further investigation
  • Should any of our claims be successful this could potentially result in a dividend being paid to the creditor
  • Therefore, with us working in conjunction with the solicitor, our aim is to ensure that the Company is fully investigated and any recoveries are made for the benefit of creditors


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