Offshore liquidations (BVI and IoM)

Quantuma oversee a complex offshore liquidation.


  • The group of liquidated companies operated as offshore holding companies managing a significant Family Trust’s interests in local and international investments
  • Reported assets with a book value of circa £200m
  • The assignment is the backdrop to a combative and highly complex on-going litigation between the former beneficial owner and the current beneficial owner
  • Placed into liquidation in March 2015 with a remit to review, rationalise and realise the various companies’ interests in assets/investments
  • Complex forensic analysis has been required to piece together the companies’ complicated and opaque ownership structures to realise assets for the benefit of stakeholders
  • Assets include; a significant investment in the shares of a UK AIM listed Plc, an investment into a South African coal mine, and investments in data centres
  • The project has involved the review and pursuit of high level antecedence involving the alleged misappropriation of funds and the use of unnecessarily complex ownership structures
  • Indebtedness – Potential creditor claims in excess of £770m



  • On-going investigation, insolvency appointments over certain subsidiaries and on-going funding of key projects
  • Unravelling of complex offshore investments to realise value for stakeholders
  • Reviewing and funding asset structures for the benefit of stakeholders
  • Assessing and pursuing antecedence using the powers of the BVI and IoM insolvency legislation
  • Estimated recoveries in excess of £33m
  • Recovery of assets previously written-off as irrecoverable
  • Collaborative approach with professionals instructed in multiple jurisdictions
  • Pursuit of offshore individuals seeking to avoid repayment of loans due for repayment


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