Multi-layered Bankruptcy

Quantuma handle a financially large and difficult multi-layered bankruptcy case.


  • A Bankruptcy with creditor claims in excess of £8.5m
  • Bankrupt claimed to have no assets despite giving the appearance of living a life of luxury
  • A non-cooperative bankrupt with numerous transactions seemingly undertaken in his wife’s name
  • In-depth and analytical research undertaken together with the adoption of a forensic approach in painstakingly reviewing and following all potential lines of enquiry


  • Quantuma has successfully sought a suspension of the bankrupt’s discharge
  • We has undertaken various and detailed investigations into company interests, properties and previous business deals unravelling complex and multi-layered transactions
  • We have uncovered an interest in a legacy estate with a total value in excess of £1m, a previous legal settlement with a value of over £2m and continue to investigate significant company dealings
  • Efforts on-going in an attempt to secure realisations


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