Restructure of a family estate - Inheritance Tax issues

Quantuma advise on a family estate restructure helping to manage both trading and future inheritance tax issues.


  • Family Estate with circa £70m of assets spread across four trading unlimited companies with a holding company
  • The family wanted the estate restructured both for trading purposes and also to manage future inheritance tax issues
  • The solicitors needed to work with specialist tax advisers and Quantuma to create a specific procedure to separate out trading and non-trading assets from each company and place them into new companies
  • With a strong working relationship, we worked closely with the other advisers to ensure that the restructure procedure was completed in a tight timeframe


  • A detailed plan was prepared and agreed to ensure the documents and procedure were correct
  • Each of the companies was placed into solvent liquidation
  • Sale and purchase agreements were entered into between various companies for specific asset groups
  • Assets were distributed to new companies
  • The shareholders of the original companies received shares in the new companies, completing the restructuring


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