A contentious Receivership

Quantuma oversee a contentious Property Receivership involving a land owner.


  • A land owner had raised a bridging loan to acquire a ransom strip that was critical to the success of a wider development project
  • Senior secured debt, c.£2m


  • The facility was in default and successive promises to repay had been broken. Quantuma were therefore appointed as Receiver on a hostile basis
  • The land owner initially refused to engage with Quantuma and then claimed to be living in a derelict house on the site. Quantuma believed this was an attempt to establish residential tenure rights and thus frustrate a sale
  • Quantuma appointed investigators to monitor the derelict house over a period of a week and, establishing it was vacant, took full control
  • Although the appointing lender’s security only covered a proportion of the wider development site, the planning master plan would not have been capable of implementation without Quantuma’s cooperation
  • Quantuma used this position to persuade the borrower to accelerate a refinance
  • Quantuma’s appointing lender was repaid in full within 4 weeks of our appointment



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