Advisory services to office relocators & refurbishers

Quantuma provide advisory services to an office relocators & refurbishers business.


  • Office relocations and refurbishers.
  • Debtor review and on-going assistance.
  • We were contacted by the secured creditor due to their exposure on the Company‚Äôs debtor ledger being higher than the lending limits and the continued pressure they had been receiving from the Company to receive further funding.


  • An initial meeting was arranged with the company at which a full debtor verification was undertaken. It became apparent at this meeting that the relationship between the factor and company was beginning to become strained
  • The ledger review identified a number of paperwork issues which may have resulted in the debt being difficult to collect without the continued trading of the company and the assistance of the director. Should an insolvency process be pursued, the secured creditor would have likely incurred a significant shortfall on their lending
  • It was therefore recommended that the secured creditor continue supporting the company. We also recommend that one of the conditions of support would be for us to review cash collections and invoicing each week to ensure the paperwork trail was sufficient. We would review forecasts based on credit control activities
  • This process aided the secured creditors internal processes and we also acted as an intermediary between the secured creditor and the company to facilitate an on-going relationship. During the process, the secured creditor could also verify the historic debts and obtain sufficient back up to bring their exposure on the ledger down to a reasonable level


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