Dealing with HMRC pressure

In-depth analysis to help businesses review their position and understand payment options

Value-added tax (VAT), pay as you earn (PAYE) and national insurance payment issues are not uncommon – our team of restructuring specialists can help assess your options.

HMRC payments can have a major impact on cash, so it's not surprising businesses sometimes have difficulties meeting their liabilities. If you're already in arrears, the situation can be even more acute. Whatever position you're in, our team of experts can help you assess options and determine the most appropriate way forward for your business.

If your business is struggling to meet VAT, PAYE, national insurance or corporation tax bills or, has received letters of demand or enforcement action from HMRC, it is important to seek early and robust professional advice.

Our team of restructuring specialists can help you deal with HMRC, as well as prepare plans, analysis and forecasts to help determine what your business can pay and when. 

We specialise in both helping businesses review their position in respect of HMRC, as well as understand payment options for outstanding amounts or amounts in arrears. 

If HMRC has issued demands or is threatening your business with a winding-up petition, you should not ignore this. It is recommended that you take professional advice at the very earliest opportunity to deal with the situation at hand.

Our team of restructuring specialists can help you understand the implications on your business and advise you on the options available to your business.